Workshop & Course Costs

Workshop & Course Costs

Those who want to work on themselves may take any module from 1 to 4.
You may also attend the modules in any order at any time, with no obligation to join the training.

Those who want to receive the international graduation as a Shamanic Family Constellator Facilitator
accredited  by Luz do Ser, Soluções Sistêmicas (Light of Being, Systemic Solutions]
must complete all 5 modules, read the basic bibliography, participate in 7 webclasses
and send 11 reports on constellations participated, constellated or observed.

There are no education or background requirement. 
The exception is that Module 5 which requires  taking other Modules previously.

Mensagem do Mar [ Ocean’s Message], watercolor - 1986
Modules 1 - 4 Workshops
The cost for joining the modules/workshops 1 to 4 individually is -
R3,900 for the full workshop of 3 days
R2,700 for 2 days
R1,500 for 1 day

One can attend the workshops in any order

Module 5 Immersion Workshop
The cost of Module 5 for the 6 days is R12 150 which includes certification
Plus accommodation and catering depending on location  

Shamanic Family Constellator Facilitator Training & Certification
The Shamanic Family Constellator Facilitator Course costs R27,750.
If you pay in full within 9 months you will receive a 10% discount (R24,975)

The facilitator training includes:
  • Four 3-day workshops:
Module 1  -  The Orders of Love & Chanupa
Module 2  -  Family of Origin & Mandaw
Module 3  -  Health, Disease and Death & Sacred Drumming
Module 4  -  Relationships & Temascal
  • The 6 day workshop
Module 5  -  Immersion Training: Techniques and Tools
  • A minimum of 7 webcalls with Gui Barcellos which consists of discussions, lectures and exercises relating to Shamanic Family Constellations
  • Free attendance as a representative to all group constellations held by Gui Barcellos
  • Submission of 11 case studies 
  • Certification once all of the above is complete

Private, Web or Group Consultation with Gui Barcellos
R1200 Private Consultation (±1hr)
R900  Constellate your theme in a group or Workshop/Module
R300 to be a Representative in a group

To book a Shamanic Family Constellation Web Consultation please contact
Gui Barcellos:, WhatsApp +55 48 99147-3636 or Skype: gogosebastiao

To book to attend Cape Town workshops/groups or have a private session please contact
Gerri Stevenson:, WhatsApp  082 496 8713

To book to attend Johannesburg workshops/groups or have a private session please contact 
Ryan Klette:, WhatsApp  082 552 0619